Our body is an ever-regulating machine. As much as we need energy to keep us going throughout life’s everyday activities. We also need to rest and repair; this is primarily done when we sleep.1 Sleeping is a vital component to our body’s healing process. We spend approximately 1/3 of our lifetime sleeping. What happens to our body when we don’t get enough sleep to allow our body to repair?

Getting quality sleep allows us to wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day, however, disruptions in the process of going to sleep or during the night can affect this cycle. Have you thought about your sleep environment? Lighting, noise, room temperature? Are you feeling tired but having difficulty switching off? Have you considered your time spent on your device’s hours prior to sleep, medication or stress. You may also have noticed; an alcoholic beverage has helped you fall asleep? Initially it may, but over time small amounts of alcohol can lead to a 9.3% reduce in sleep quality, whilst binge drinking can affect our sleep by up to a staggering 39%. 2,3

Changes to our sleep pattern and cycle, whether it be broken sleep, changes in sleep time due to work schedules or minimal sleep periods, overtime this can lead to a number of issues. Including, reduced concentration, poor coordination and slower reaction times.1,3 The inability to react and respond to stimuli in an appropriate manner can lead to a higher risk of injury and without getting adequate sleep, slows down the body’s natural healing processes. Research has found, pain plays a major role in disturbed sleep, due to inability to get comfortable or remain in a position for hours. Usually this occurs in conjunction with neck and low back pain. With over 50% of long-term low back pain sufferers, have decreased quality of sleep.1,3,4,5

Only getting short periods rest and repair time, can also alter how our brain perceives pain. Over time the nerve pathways that send and receive information from the brain to body may become heightened or more sensitive. This means the pain or injury may only be minor, but your brain has perceived the injury more severe.3,4

Sleep is a vital component for our body to function at its best! Research has found, medium-firm mattresses offer better support for your spine, improve the quality of your sleep and decrease the occurrence of low back pain.4

How to manage pain?

Manual therapies, such as chiropractic, a is natural and non-invasive health care approach, focusing on your nervous system and spinal health.6

Your nervous system is a network that allows messages to be sent and received all over your body. From your brain to joints, muscles, organs, skin and more! This system tells your body, when to respond, how to respond and then relays the information back to your brain. These tasks can be involuntary, such as breathing and digestion, or voluntary, such as walking.7,8

This process works by messages being formed within the brain and sent along nerves, which exit from each level of the spinal column. Each nerve that exits the spine, innervates different areas of your body and helps to keep you functioning. This is your body’s communication system! 7,8

What does it look like when there is a break in the communication system? Changes in movement, compensatory movements patterns, pain, altered reaction time, prolonged healing time & more.6,7

How do we help the nervous system function better? Remove restrictions to the communication pathway! Chiropractic care focuses on your nervous system, the function of the whole body. Chiropractic care has been found to decrease low back pain, neck pain and ease headaches, while increasing the function of your muscles and joints.4,7 Would you be able to sleep soundly if you weren’t in pain?

As a chiropractor, I am interested in supporting your overall health and wellbeing. This also includes knowing about your sleep hygiene – How old is your mattress and pillows? Are they supportive enough? Having a mattress or pillow that doesn’t support your spine, may lead to prolonged injury and healing.

The team at Origin mattress have created an incredible range of supportive mattress that allow your body to contour with support, this will help you maintain good posture throughout the night! A supportive mattress that not only maximise’s comfort, while minimising disruptions is vital for you waking up refreshed in the morning.

I have seen numerous cases, of people waking up unsure how they’ve injured themselves throughout the night. This is commonly because the spine and surrounding musculature is not supported adequately. Supporting your body throughout the night in the perfect step towards a pain-free lifestyle

Origin has created a mattress with multi-dense technology. This allows for better support for your spine, with over 98% of your weight being evenly distributed. Therefore, improve the quality of your sleep and decrease the occurrence of those niggly aches and pains by taking the pressure of dysfunctional areas of your body. Removing pressure off inflamed regions of your body will also speed up your healing process? Better quality of sleep and healing? What more could you want!!

Furthermore, Origin Mattresses are designed with anti-gravity springs, adding another layer of support. This help the mattress maintain its shape and comfortability for years to come. A mattress is an investment in your health? Why not make a worthwhile decision!

Another common question I get asked, is what mattress do I need for my sleep style? Of course Origin mattress have you sorted. Their design is targeted for every sleep style – back, front or side! They understand we usually change sleeping positions throughout the night and need support at all stages.

As a Chiropractor, I always recommend investing in a quality mattress and the team at Origin have developed a product that will suit every need. So next time you wake up throughout the night having to reposition and take pressure off certain areas, ask yourself…

  • How old is your mattress?
  • Does your mattress support you from head to toe?


Answered Yes? Don’t know where to start? The team at Chermside Chiropractic and Origin Mattress are here to help! Or Jump online https://originmattress.com.au and check out the Origin Hybrid mattress for yourself today.