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I am glad you found us. I cannot wait to begin on your health care journey with you. It's your time to start thriving, not surviving.


I am wildly passionate about all things health and wellness related. I believe life is about living to your full potential, and how can you do that when you’re living in pain and suffering?


I am a holistic integrated Chiropractor, passionate about empowering all ages reach their health potential.  Since graduating Chiropractic with Distinctions and becoming certified in Applied Kinesiology, I have continued learning and empowering myself in pregnancy, paediatric care & women health.


I am grateful to be able to create a place of healing for you, build a community for you, hear your story, and support you through your Chiropractic journey.


Chermside Chiropractic clinic room with drop piece table

Dr. Eilish Roche  (Chiropractor) 



Dr Eilish Roche BSc(Chiro)MClinChiro completed her studies at Central Queensland University. 


Chermside Chiropractic uses a range of adjustments to the spine and extremities to restore function, allowing the body to work at its highest potential. We use a range of chiropractic techniques, that are tailored to each person, based on a comprehensive consultation and assessment.

With a range of skills and techniques, we are able to care for your whole family, from newborns to aging adult.


Techniques include: 

  • Manual diversified 
  • Certified Applied Kinesiology
  • Drop table 
  • Activator 
  • Low force tonal techniques 
  • Sacro Occipital Technique 



Dr Eilish Roche (Chiropractor)